We help students get better internships

Canary enables students to share their internships experiences with their classmates, so they can avoid the bad internships, find the great ones, and learn how to land them.

The story

As students at Georgia Tech who went through the internship process multiple times, we consistently found a lack of helpful information on what internships were actually like. This led to disappointing experiences or missed opportunities. We wanted our classmates to be able to share their experiences with one another in an easy and effective way so that we would all be able to make more informed decisions and get internships we would love.

Our team

Sims Pettway

Co-Founder, CEO

Stephen Ralph

Co-Founder, COO

Jack DiMarco

Software engineer

Mohan Dodda

Software engineer

Noah Waldron

Co-founder, advisor

Our advisors

Dr. Paul Fowler

Executive DIrECTOR, Career Services
Emory univeristy

Christen Steele

Fmr. Director Career Services, Georgia Tech College Of Computing

Andrea Comsa

Director of experiential education at Georgia Tech