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Mayor’s intern

Unstructured internship Alexandria, INEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: In-person
Department: Mayor’s Office
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I retyped/edited the city’s water department’s emergency response plan, researched prices for the public pool’s concession stand, and used GIS to compile a list of homeowners who needed to be notified of economic development.

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Are trying to get their foot in the door in local government

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I came in and had the job. An acquaintance had emailed the mayor my resume and since I didn’t need pay, he agreed to take me on immediately. My interview was just me coming in, telling them why I was interested, and giving them my availability.

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I wish I’d believed them when they said I wouldn’t have much to do. I naively assumed I would be able to find things or my initiative would impress them enough to give me more responsibility, but there simply is no work to do here.

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