software engineer intern

Unstructured internship richardson,TX
Format: In-person
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focused on creating a website that was an updated version of an old website they had. This was done using razor pages in core. Also Worked on navigating a large code base and having to update certain syntax (changing it from <iframe/> to <iframe></iframe>)


Get to contribute to a useful project, chill work environment, get your own office area


Some internsI know weren't very fortunate with their projects, so they ended up working on some very boring documentation the whole summer

Would recommend it to people who...

Enjoy building websites and like a chill work environment

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The questions were easy-medium in in difficulty and they primarily asked behavioral questions about working in a team and technical questions focused on websites such as "what is an MVC", and

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The technical questions weren't extremely hard, so if you manage to make a good impression you have a good chance of getting an internship there.

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