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X-Force Fellow

Format: Remote
Department: OSD-1
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Worked on multiple DoD which I'm not allowed to fully disclosed. Because of my computer engineering background, a lot of the coding stuff and technical communication I was able to pick up on and also leverage much of. The coolest project was I built an RPA bot for a DoD organization which is now in the works of being scaled to the entire United States. This is heavily team dependent though as I was on the OSD-1 AI Readiness team which got "rebranded" to something else.

The military has their particular way of doing things which does make sense sometimes but as a subscriber of UI/UX, I often had qualms about what my mission partner was nitpicky about. I had technical experience but wasn't always treated like I did with my mission partner project lead.


remote, somewhat flexible hours, DoD experience, mentors care about you and are a helpful resource


DoD experience, mission partner work culture dependent, abrupt change in project without much communication, communication at weird hours by mission partner sometimes, waking up early/military time

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Was all virtual save for the business trip I took and rendezvous'd with my team. Can get tiring being in front of a screen all day especially at home but flexible to an extent.

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There's some sort of NSIN newsletter I somehow got added on. That's how I found this fellowship and was down bad for any internship. I wish I would've known the pay's not negotiable. Also was surprised to find out this internship's actually selective despite it being, well at least me here at GT, one of those not FAANG/MANGA/I have a big degree internships.

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