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Software Engineering Intern

Unstructured internship Olathe, KansasEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: In-person
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Covered by confidentiality agreement, but vaguely, I worked on a number of external and internal tools and services, mostly developing Java API services, but I also got to work on some front-end projects.

The culture here is great. Work-life balance is a really big part of Garmin's culture. Also, this is only gonna be team specific, but my mentor and manager are both amazing people.

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are independent workers. You get a decent amount of freedom here as an intern, but it's not for someone who needs their hand held.

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Know the vision of the company and the business segments that Garmin is involved in besides the obvious. Brush up on your C! The technical interview wasn't the hardest thing in the world, but speaking to other interns here, it seems like every software engineering intern was given questions in C, regardless of whether they were interested in high or low level development.

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