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* Wrote an eBook, designed an attractive cover, and created an associated infographic * Made an eBook landing page using WordPress and generated mockups * Proposed a 5-week action plan to recruit community members (CMs) in order to assist in info product feedback. Created ideas for rewards, incentives, duties, and ways to manage CMs. * Involved in the promotion process for info products (posting on LinkedIn and Twitter and coming up with descriptions/posts). * Researched ideas for future info products including podcasts, eBooks, interviews, and articles regarding up and coming topics.

AI Time Journal is a good opportunity if you have absolutely no experience and are desperate and can't land anything else. However, I would try to find an internship that pays you and it will ultimately be better. I did enjoy the friendly and casual culture at AITJ except for the one bad manager. She ruined my experience there and they unfortunately seemed to like and favor her a lot.


One person working there was very passive aggressive and not a good manager. She was integral in many assignments and projects so this was frustrating. She was the reason I decided to quit early (and the internship being unpaid).

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How did working remote affect your experience?

There were people all over the world so working with timezones 10+ hours ahead of you can be difficult but its a good learning experience. I enjoyed the flexibility of working on things whenever although the deadlines were often not given enough heads up due to timezones. Meetings were also not very efficient.

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Typical questions like past experience, what programs I know, and what my future goals are.

Advice on how to prepare

There isn't a lot of work but you do have weekly meetings and have to turn your webcam on for them. They might be early depending on what timezone you are. There is typically a lot of free time but the assignments you do get, you don't get a lot of time in advance to complete them.

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