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Biomedical Engineering Intern

Atlanta, GAEmployed: Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Summer 2021
Format: Remote + In-person
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Worked on Developing Hardware and Software Product Features with Product, Engineering, and Operations Teams


Proximie is an amazing company to work at as they value and embody the core values of a thriving, inclusive, psychologically safe, and fast-paced environment. As an intern, I felt that my voice was heard and that my coworkers respected me and my work. We grew together as a family which held an immense role in my career and professional progression. As we call it the "Proximie Family," it stands by you on your worst and best day, always encouraging to drive the new levels of development and innovation. My Proximie mentors and leaders were incredible individuals who have left a great impression on me and allowed me to explore my career endeavors. Overall, Proximie is a terrific company to work at.


I can't see any. Proximie is an amazing workplace.

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Remote did not effect much since company is global

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Prepare Elevator Pitch and Research Company

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