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I and another intern were to assist a couple project managers in the Risk Management department. I was shown where data of interest was located on a cloud database, and had to copy, paste, combining all of that data into an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was then used by the PMs to create an advanced and cool looking Powerpoint report. As I was fresh out of high-school I don’t believe I knew enough to help actually create those things. But it exposed me to the possibilities and prepared me for my next inter ship where I had to handle lots of data. I also reviewed cases with pictures and annoyed lower level managers via email to get updates on data the PMs needed.

We had “enrichment” meetings where we got to talk a bit to other interns/externs. Sometimes they were kind of weird, like making us share about our “diverse” experiences and so on. I think it would have been much less awkward if it were in person, and I think IRL we would have had the chance to make connections more freely. ATT has active employee resource groups that could be a fun thing to check out. As expected, it’s all just a very “corporate” and “we’re a family” kind of thing.


I learned a lot about how corporate meetings are and was introduced to SQL databases, PM tools, and handling large datasets on Excel. The pay was good for someone who lives at home.


Corporate meetings are exceptionally boring, and the work feels a bit soulless as they were tracking things like who is the worst ranking employee by measured parameters. It wasn’t too interesting to me, but if you like working with data itself it’s fine.

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How did working remote affect your experience?

I did this two month internship over the summer of 2020, so it was all remote and restricted. We did not get the usual experience of walking around the office and building which would have been really nice. We had to participate in a lot of Webex meetings.

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At my high school level and in 2020, I only had a phone interview. The standard tell me about yourself, and tell me about the experiences you have listed on your resume. Very easy difficulty, just be prepared and don’t be too nervous.

Advice on how to prepare

I think you should demonstrate a high work ethic and be professional. If you are well versed in Excel and communication, I believe you have a spot.

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