Software Development Intern

Format: Remote
Department: App Dev Team
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Culture rating
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My experience


Investigated loading times on initial load into application, fixed redundant API calls, optimized some DB interactions. Wrote a load testing proof of concept in Python using Locust that mocked a user logging into the application


Very interesting product, great coworkers, flexible hours


Lots of meetings

Impact of work

Time spent working

How did working remote affect your experience?

Not a lot of non-work conversation with the team. Flexible working times. Not too bad, everyone I worked with was remote

Interview advice

How did you find the job / apply?

Interview Rounds

Interview type

Interview questions

General programming knowledge questions, basically to prove that I knew what I was talking about in my resume.

Advice on how to prepare

Have some personal projects listed on your resume, and be passionate about them. Be sure you actually know the things you list on your resume.

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