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Charlotte, NCEmployed: Summer 2021, Fall 2020, Spring 2020
Format: In-person
Department: TEF, MFO
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In my first rotation (TEF), I worked with developing and improving current processes as well as preparing for new processes. I also worked on smaller day-to-day tasks, such as installing workstations and troubleshooting the production lines. In my second rotation (MFO), I worked with everyday production on the plant floor, including on-the-fly fixes in our assembly lines. The MFO department also designs fixtures and tools to help the operators and reduce lead time. In my third rotation (BPS), I developed fixes for the production lines, including designing parts that make production easier and purchasing new tools for operators to keep the lines running smoothly. I continued a production process release of a project I had started in my first rotation.


Lots of hands-on experience and machining practice. Management, coworkers, and mentors are great and understanding. Three rotations in the co-op program meant I could continue my long-term projects.


Some (very few) of the projects worked on were essentially torn apart for scrap pieces or moved to our overflow section on the plant floor.

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