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Surgical Assistant

Unstructured co-op Milford MA
Format: In-person
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Sterilized instruments. Organized instrument room. Prepared instrument trays for procedures. Operated Autoclave. Passed instruments during procedures. Performed bedside surgical assisting by maintaining clear surgical field via retraction and suction.

Very busy. On your feet all day. Of the three surgeons, Dr Youseff is the best. Dr. Ouano and Pittman are not good teachers. Instrument thrown at me in operating room. The culture is not one of teaching (unless working with Dr. Youseff). They punish curiosity. I learned what type of doctor I DO NOT want to be from 2/3 of the surgeons here.

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want to go to dental school. Decide if dentistry is right for you.

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They just wanted to know if I would be annoying to work with for 6 months.

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Dental assisting experience/ patient experience. I had worked as a dental assistant for a number of summers to get this position.

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