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EEE Parts Engineering

Boulder, COEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: In-person
Department: Mission Assurance
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I developed a SharePoint site used for handling part alerts such as counterfeit parts or manufacturing defects. I also worked on determining applicability to current programs and projects as part alerts came in. Finally I had the opportunity to learn some HFSS with the RF department.

It was the first company I worked for that seemed to care about it's employees. There were several amazing networking opportunities with people in other departments and company leadership. Also, There's still a pension for full time employees.


The people are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. The culture and work life balance are amazing. People really prioritize it. Work hours are also super flexible. Full time employees can flex 80 hours in a 2 week period basically however they want and interns can flex 40 hours in a 1 week period however they want. I worked 10 hour days if I wanted a 4 day weekend, came in around 10:30 if I went mountain biking in the morning before work, and generally worked only 4-6 hours on Friday depending on how much I worked other days of the week.


No PTO for interns and the internship program is only 10 weeks; I'd prefer a 12 week program.

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They asked about my prior experience, some behavioral questions, and very limited technical questions

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Apply to as many positions as possible and maybe even know people in the company. The internships are extremely competitive, so make sure you're prepared for the interview.

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