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Originally, my main project involved investigating DynaTrace and how the team could use it to monitor the backend services. This required watching tutorials, consulting other teams that used the tool as well as the support team, and occasionally training other members of my team on the tool's applications. However, as the internship continued, I got to work with the team's main backend integrator. I helped with the development of a new endpoint by writing a SQL query to the database, as well as the Spring code needed to return the response. I also wrote Karate and JUnit tests for that endpoint. In addition, I also worked on the main integrator itself and helped with the conversion of a SOAP endpoint to REST. I worked on the input validations, and most of my time was spent reaching out to other team members trying to finalize the requirements.


My co-workers were very friendly! You have a weekly 1x1 meeting and from the get-go they treated me as an equal.


At times, it can be slow but that is largely a consequence of the remote model.

Would recommend it to people who...

are looking for a good first internship.

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I was an hour ahead of the team I worked for, so I would work 9-5 to be consistent with their 8-4 schedule.

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They mainly asked me questions involving how I would respond to certain scenarios on the job. Afterwards, they asked me to do a simple coding excercise.

Advice on how to prepare

Practice your responses to behavioral questions, as well as basic algorithms and data structures.

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