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Environmental Engineer

Boise IdahoEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: In-person
Department: EHS/Environmental
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Unlike the other interns I was assigned many different projects. I helped determined ways to lower global warming, created a chemical budget that gives us allowances for substances banned by the EPA, read and interpreted law, created sampling procedures, and created some python programs. I got to do much more than I listed.


Really good team Really smart team Interesting work


Environmental Engineering is a tough workspace. You get sandwiched between the law and R&D. Doing the work is like walking on a tight rope.

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Very easy questions. Be familiar with your resume. Getting the job is not easy, so be well prepared for the typical interview questions. 10,000 people applied for Boise Micron internships and around 100 people got them. This is a 1/100 chance. These numbers are not completely accurate but they are pretty close.

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Undergrad research Tutor/TA Interesting personal accomplishment that applies Optional: internship experience

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