Mechanical Engineeting Co-op

Mt.Vernon, IndianaEmployed: Summer 2021, Fall 2020
Format: In-person
Department: Reliability
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There were multiple projects where I was the project manager. The most impactful project was building a DCS module that would alert operations when pumps were reaching their optimal runtime before switching to their sister pump. This let me get to know the plant really well and work with operations. Many other tasks were necessary, but felt like busy work due to their repetitive nature. Overall, the work is engaging but more long term focused.


Strong co-op community that supports one another, good pay, many different opportunities.


Locations are not great and there can be a lot of downtime when working with others on projects.

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Questions focused on how I dealt with a variety of situations and how I would handle projects. Questions were well suited for STAR response method.

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Demonstrate that you are able to work independently and learn quickly.

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