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Engineering Co-op

Unstructured co-op Savannah/GeorgiaEmployed: Fall 2018, Summer 2019
Format: In-person
Department: Performance and Propulsion/Thermodynamics
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I created most performance plots for the new aircraft underdevelopment's (now released as G700) flight manual. I wrote MATLAB code to speed up the process. IN Propulsion, I worked to track problems found within the propulsion system. I was put in charge of several open problems/tickets and had to ensure they were fixed by coordinating with suppliers and/or brainstorming ways to fix the issues

The corporate culture is pretty toxic. Everyone has very big egos and the hierarchy is very messed up. Even people within the same working group hated each other, which caused me a lot of issues being stuck in the middle. Also huge lay-offs happened all of the time with no warning, so those in charge seemed to have no regard for their employees.

Would recommend it to people who...

are not afraid to speak up when they don't understand something and who are self-drivers

Would NOT recommend it to people who...

want to be told what to do. The job requires proactiveness, otherwise you won't be doing anything

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