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Global Data Insight & Analytics Intern

RemoteEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: Remote
Department: Global Data Insight and Analytics
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I analyzed the current email safelist, its health and makeup. Then analyzed email and app clickstream data to find possible expansion groups for the email safelist, to help provide business value in the way of communicable users.


Developed new software skills - the majority of the softwares I used were programs I had never used before.


Remote internship.

Impact of work

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How did working remote affect your experience?

It was harder to get help and to get questions answered, but that did require me to learn on my own which allowed me to develop valuable skills.

Interview advice

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Interview Rounds

Interview type

Interview questions

They asked mostly behavioral questions, "how would you handle X situation", mixed with asking how you would explain a very technical concept in laymans terms.

Advice on how to prepare

Attending the career fair on campus allowed me to connect with a Ford employee and develop a relationship, and this let me get my foot in the door.

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