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Unstructured co-op Alpharetta, GAEmployed: Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Summer 2020
Format: Remote + In-person
Department: Walls & Slopes
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Major projects consisted of retaining walls for different use. The projects are geotechnical focused. Anyone with a geotechnical aspiration would be very confortable with the types of projects. I was responsible of following projects from begin to end from the drawings and the design and provide assistance for the staff engineers often overloaded.

The company is expanded worldwide but you will be exclusively dealing with projects from the US Market where former engineers promoted to sales management positions would send over new bids documents for prelims or projects already acquired. You would also be in charge of organizing EOR Meetings, acquiring data needed for both the CAD drawings and the design. As design requirements and specifications varies per states you, as an engineer would be responsible to isolate the data appropriate for the project on hand. You will be guided of course by the staff engineers who are always happy to help. Generating the quantities at the end of the project and have the entire project reviewed by a peer engineer is also critical for the success. Great environment and great team

Would recommend it to people who...

Have aspirations for geotechnical Engineering

Would NOT recommend it to people who...

Are not comfortable asking a lot of questions and guidance.

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Virtual was great. The company has been allowing fully employed staff to work remotely prior to Covid. The changes during Covid majorly affected me (co-op)

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Be open about your goals for your terms. They most likely prefer Co-op than internships as there is a lot to learn even at the end of your 3rd term I remember being taught new things I had no clue about. Internships of 2-3 months would not provide you deep understanding of the field unless that's part of your goal

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