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Unstructured internship Moultrie, GAEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: In-person
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Labelled the attachments on power poles, like where the primary, neutral, and secondary are, where the comm lines are, and where things like transformers and capacitors are. Then I labelled what how they were attached and the configuration of the primary. I uploaded this to Pole Foreman and did some simple math to determine where a new comm line would go based on the location of the existing ones and I added it on the model. I also inspected poles in the field (very hot in the GA summer). We had a map of where the pole were and had to fill in its birth year (if we could read it), how it was sealed, any attachments it had, and also make sure it wasn't about to fall over or anything. I also did some basic intern work, like scan papers and help format Word and Excel documents.

Moultrie is a small(ish) town, so ask coworkers where to eat for lunch. Surcheros is pretty good. Also, you're close to Tallahassee and Valdosta so take advantage of that. Valdosta has Wild Adventures and there's a fun escape room place in Tallahassee so try some of that stuff out. I wouldn't do this if you're superstitious, though. The office is a renovated funeral home. I personally don't think it's spooky or anything but if you're worried about stuff like that you might have a hard time. I have people living above me in my apartment at school, but this building is somehow even louder than those people all on its own so be warned. It's probably not ghosts though. Probably.


Nice coworkers Lots of stuff to do but wasn't worked to the bone Got my own little office! Learned a lot that I definitely wouldn't have learned in class Housing is provided (and it's a pretty nice little apartment/hotel-esque room attached to the office)


You ARE in a small south GA town, so..... But you're close to Tallahassee and Valdosta!

Would recommend it to people who...

want to learn that engineering jobs aren't exactly like school and want to learn real-world skills that might seem a bit boring but are really important to keep the lights on (literally)

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The questions weren't that difficult and it didn't seem to matter that this was my first engineering internship. A lot of what mattered was my attitude (and how I'd mesh with the people at the Moultrie office) and my willingness to learn and work. I did have to describe some of the classes that I had taken, but I don't think it was too much of a deal maker/breaker. One thing that was important was outdoors experience. I was asked how comfortable I was outside because you could be asked to do inspecting outside. If you don't do well walking around in the summer heat then that could be an issue.

Advice on how to prepare

Have a good attitude, be friendly, and don't be afraid to get a little muddy and sweaty. They have a lot of different kinds of work here, so what you do is really dependent on what they have at the time. It might seem vague during the interview, but that can be because they just don't know what they'll give you yet. You might do a bit of scanning but it's not that bad.

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