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Fluidics Co-Op

Atlanta, GAEmployed: Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Summer 2021
Format: Remote + In-person
Department: Freestyle
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First term - Getting used to logistics of Freestyle. Assigned a project to design an early warning system to inform customers when the diet drink sweetener (NNS) was low. This was part of an overall initiative for the release of a new version of a dispenser platform. My project was option C and it seemed as if they knew it would hold little value overall but was an applicable project for me. I used CAD to design the set up, using official CAD files of dispenser components. Built my design using materials in the lab and McMaster parts. Controlled and ran testing using an FPGA board to control the pumps. Second term - Freestyle is constantly looking for ways to simplify and/or improve the dispensers. A new type of pump was suggested that could operate with more viscous fluids, opening the possibility of more drinks to dispense. In the process of testing to evaluate the new pump, my project was to look into a specific metric - the internal piston range of position within the pump. This is directly related to the volumetric output of the pump, therefore we needed data to establish consistency, potential issues, max/min, etc. I was able to build a test setup at my home and collect data. This work seemed overall more meaningful and informative to executives, though I struggled to fully grasp the entire project due to communication issues. Third Term - The team was focused on a new dispenser platform with the goal to minimize costs. My project consisted of redesigning one part of the dispenser with lower cost components. I was able to CAD my design into the dispenser and 3D print my new pieces. With the help of employees in the office, I was able to get my new parts into an actual dispenser and run testing. I felt this project was the most helpful to the company because I was able to present an alternative system with significant reduction to price (~ $300 to ~$100)


Low stress on day to day basis Lots of GT Alum happy to network Encouraged to try things and fail to learn from experiences Introduced to leadership team


Co-op program is less structured No free swag </3 Only 1-3 interns Have to be more outgoing

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How did working remote affect your experience?

The team that I worked with mainly focused on designing/redesigning fluid systems inside the dispenser. This was done through different designs and test plans that would be conducted on sight. Shifting to remote work took away the hands-on aspect of my projects, but I was able to get around it in some ways. My mentor mailed various materials to build my own test setup for one term. I was able to remote into laptops on site and run actual dispenser testing with the assistance of lab techs.

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Can’t really remember 😅 Think more focused on what I’m interested in. Some situational questions. Group interview with multiple members of given team that is hiring. Very friendly.

Advice on how to prepare

CAD knowledge Understanding of fluids, pumps, circuits, etc. Wish i would’ve known more about what info to prep for.

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