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Engineering Co-op

Unstructured co-op Plainfield, INEmployed: Fall 2019, Summer 2020
Format: In-person
Department: Engineering
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Supported production and re-manufacturing of heavy truck brake shoes, air disc brakes, differentials, and brake drums. This includes: Designing and helping to machine a fixture to mount to a drill press to allow conversion of brake shoes. Creating paint masks for air disc brakes and printing them with a Lulzbot TAZ 5 in a TPU medium. Creating a standardized time study process with Excel and Access.

Don't take this job if you need to relocate far away from home to fill the position. Everyone you'll be working with will be 30 years older and you will have no friends.


Self directed environment, laid back management, hands-on learning in a machine shop alongside experienced technicians


Filthy work environment, abrasive and distrusting line workers

Would recommend it to people who...

relish independence and the ability to find inefficiencies in production and fix them

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Entirely related to past experience and interests. No difficult or trick questions.

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Technical: CAD is a must, process flow experience is a bonus, machine shop experience is a bonus Personal: Thick skin, being able to work with outwardly hostile employees

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