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Human Resources Intern

Unstructured internship Englewood Cliffs, NJEmployed: Summer 2019
Format: In-person
Department: Human Resources
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Used Lean Methodology to lead Job Change Robotic Process Automation for Lateral and Promotional Moves; Developed 8 Focus Groups for the Google-like tool, UNA, and 5 Key Employee Moment case surveys to gauge Employee Experience for 500 employees.

This was definitely one of my best college experiences. I learned a lot about communicating when suggested to meet with the leaders and directors of the department. It was also very easy to explore other areas. At the end of the summer, I communicated to my manager that I was interested in Supply Chain, and was able to connect with the Supply Chain team and was offered two return offers, one for Human Resources and another for Supply Chain.

Would recommend it to people who...

Are interested in a challenge, work well in an Agile format, are creative regarding solutions to problems, etc.

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Research into the values and mission of the company really helped to sell a story about who I was and how I fit into the company culture.

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