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Summer Technology Analyst

Unstructured internship Atlanta, GAEmployed: Summer 2019
Format: In-person
Department: Accenture Technology
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I designed and implemented Splunk within Anthem/ Blue Cross. I did everything from designing and implementation new dashboards and reporters to writing new automation

Accenture is a HUGE company with a diverse range of projects, as such they really try to put you in a position that aligns with how you want to grow. When you accept the offer, they really sit down with you and ask you what you want to get out of the internship. Whatever you say whether it is a particular type of technology or soft skills like project management, they will work to put you in a position that really aligns with what you want.

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They look for high GPA plus leadership. The case interview is not about knowing business but about showing the interviewer you can talk to a potential client without getting super nervous

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