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Supply Chain Intern

Unstructured internship Plano, TxEmployed: Summer 2020
Format: Remote
Department: Contract Manufacturing
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Served as Team Liaison for the cross-functional intern project to develop expansion ideas for Food For Good; Developed efficient price variance verification processes for commodities such as oil, corrugate, film, and seasoning and a more succinct data display through Tableau.

Definitely a top-tier internship although it was virtual. I appreciate PepsiCo for continuing their internship program given the events of this year. It made me appreciate them more as a company. They worked very hard to make sure the program was valuable and I definitely felt like the work I was doing added value to the Contract Manufacturing department.

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Can handle a challenge, like a quirky company culture, are more laid-back but also very diligent with deliverables

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It was difficult because not only was the internship made to be virtual, but it was also reduced to 6 weeks which meant a quicker turn around in terms of the projects that interns were assigned. It definitely was overwhelming at times and resulted in days where my entire work day was overtaken by meetings. I do believe that they will be remote in the summer of 2021 considering that they may not return in-person until September 2021.

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Be yourself and be confident in your experiences. Use the STAR method and make your your interview responses hit each point of STAR.

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