Mechanical Engineer

Unstructured co-op Augusta, GAEmployed: Spring 2019, Summer 2019, Spring 2020
Format: Remote + In-person
Department: Engineering
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Ran a lot of tests and made a fair number of parts. Biggest highlights were finishing a co-op only project that had been running for years, designing our own test setups, and seeing designs and research presented higher up the chain of command.

My time at Club Car was a blast! Lots of great people there in each department - Joe Deal, Matt Brackx, and Brandon Jaremski up in leadership, and people like Joe Kachman, Doug Pugh, Monty Hawes in your daily life. They're a charismatic bunch that will make sure you have a good time and make good friends. Sometimes the work was a bit slow, and some of the work felt like busy work, but ultimately it was a strong engineering experience that got me hired at their competitors across town (although I'd love to go back, if they get out of their COVID hiring slump)

Would recommend it to people who...

Like CAD work, designing test fixtures, and like golf - get in with the right people, and you'll be "range testing" (playing golf all day while driving cars until dead) every now and then.

Would NOT recommend it to people who...

Don't want to get their hands and dress clothes dirty, are afraid of being chewed out by veteran test techs, or want to be in a low-responsibility role.

Impact of work

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How did working remote affect your experience?

Only my final rotation was affected by COVID, and it was largely drafting and releasing parts. Not terrible, but not terribly engaging.

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Nothing super difficult. Just be confident in what you know and don't bluster about stuff you don't.

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