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Reverse Engineering Intern

Unstructured internship RemoteEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: Remote
Department: Mandiant/FLARE
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I reverse engineer ransomware through tickets on the queue. Analyzed the REvil payload in the Kaseya ransomware incident and wrote an analysis blog on it for the company to publish.


Super chill team, super fun work



Would recommend it to people who...

is into assembly code and malware

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How did working remote affect your experience?

Being remote doesn't affect the experience cause I have a remote team.

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Interview questions

1. Here is a piece of assembly code. What is it doing? (medium) 2. If you had to write a program to launch shellcode, how would you write it? (Hard) 3. How do you recognize Base64 encoding? (Easy) 4. Given a piece of malware, how would you begin analyzing it? Walkthrough all the steps (Hard) 6. Explain RunPE-Process Hollowing (medium) 7. Have you written malware? If so, what did you write? In what language? Can you provide the pros and cons of writing malware in those languages? (easy) 8. What is binary similarity? How is it used in malware analysis? (medium)

Advice on how to prepare

It is helpful to know how to read and write assembly code. Knowledge of malware internals also helps.

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