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EID Intern

West Chester, OHEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: Remote + In-person
Department: Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
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Worked with customers to diagnose engine problems, tuned analytics to automatically predict engine problems, updated documentation, wrote a couple of bots to automate localized tasks that took a lot of time

This is just one of probably hundreds of roles at GE! Almost every intern who worked at GE this summer was working on a different team with different types or work!


Worked closely with customer, had an incredibly close-knit team, lots of intern support, lots of other interns to meet


work was not truly Aerospace Engineering, work was slow at times (took me a few weeks to get onboarded in the beginning), remote meant office environment was boring sometimes when I went in

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At times, I felt less motivated to do work; also, it was harder to connect with a couple team members who never came in-person.

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Apply early! The cycle for GE starts in September roughly for the following summer!

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