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Application Development Intern

RemoteEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: Remote
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My main project's objective was to create a suite of HTTP requests/JS scripts in Postman for automated data validation of a large user access internal service. I created tests in Postman that worked with the request/response JSON to validate the functionality of all endpoints, and integrated these requests to be run from the command line with the Newman CLI for postman, and automated in the Jenkins CI/CD pipeline.

My team was also starting up development on a Golang project during my time there, so I got to learn a lot about Go and Go Fiber which was a plus.


Enjoyed working with large-scale, infrastructural microservices. Learned many cool things about code quality, testing, scalability, and CI/CD.


Would have enjoyed the opportunity to do more general purpose coding outside of the specifics of testing the microservice.

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How did working remote affect your experience?

The biggest issue caused by being remote was that we had to use virtual desktops on our personal machines instead of company issued laptops. These were slower, and may not have matched the operating system of the rest of the team.

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They asked fairly standard questions about OOP concepts, Agile, and my resume experience, as well as a fairly standard LC easy/easy medium question.

Advice on how to prepare

The career fair is a great place to try. The fair was online so the recruiter had a chance to review my resume beforehand, and I must have passed her screening because when I met with the recruiter in the online fair we basically went straight to scheduling an interview.

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