Global Food Challenge Intern

Unstructured internship Indianapolis, INEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: Remote + In-person
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Conducted interviews with employees, food service operators, and students to come up with marketing strategies for college and university operators and students. Did a supplemental project with the American Connection Project helping find resources to advance rural broadband access.

I genuinely love working for Land O’Lakes, as the company sticks to its values and is dedicated to helping feed America and the world. Everyone at the company is super warm and inviting and it’s the best work environment I’ve been in. In interviews I would say it’s best to really connect with the people and show how passionate you are!

Would recommend it to people who...

Have a passion for serving and helping others, agriculture, food systems

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How did working remote affect your experience?

Most of the internship was remote, but sometimes being remote was an advantage because I could talk to other employees from all over the country and everyone was so easy to connect with.

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Interview Rounds

Interview type

Interview questions

The questions asked weren’t difficult, but were definitely there to get a judge of character and passions (i.e. favorite thing involved in, what type of leader you are, etc.)

Advice on how to prepare

To get this internship, it’s definitely imperative to show your love and passion for helping others and the world, especially in terms of agriculture. I highly recommend reviewing previous interns’ YouTube videos to get a gauge of what to expect.

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