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Quality Operations Co-op

Unstructured co-op AtlantaEmployed: Summer 2020, Fall 2020
Format: Remote
Department: Cast Products Quality
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My biggest project was creating a master inspection index of critical to quality dimensions for every part that the Raynham site produces. This involved reviewing the device history records and drawings for each product family to find the dimensions, inspection processes, etc. and organizing them in an Excel file. This list decreased the document search time for the quality engineers, allowing them to resolve quality issues faster.

I was hired on as an in-person employee and then got switched to remote a month before I started. Despite all of this, I truly enjoyed working at DePuy and highly recommend it. DePuy Synthes is just one of Johnson & Johnson's medical device companies, and I took advantage of all the learning opportunities and online conferences that J&J had to offer. They have a great co-op program and there are a lot of networking opportunities here. They also get a lot of Georgia Tech students.

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I didn't get to see the manufacturing plant or do the cadaver labs, but my team made every effort to make sure I was still learning and having a good experience. They will definitely go back to being in person after covid.

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