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Associate Clinical Data Analyst

Unstructured internship Atlanta, GAEmployed: Summer 2020
Format: Remote
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I created a custom annotation interface for specialized clinical documents that would be used by nurses, oncologists, and pharmacists to annotate machine learning data. I developed an initial version before passing the project to a software engineering intern for further progress. I developed an unsupervised machine learning model for spell correcting PDF optical character recognition (OCR) errors. I built a user-friendly ElasticSearch interface to enable nurses, oncologists, pharmacists, and other employees to interact our data in a usable and approachable way.

I really loved working at OA, it felt like working at a very small startup with the support of an entire company's resources.

Would recommend it to people who...

Enjoy working independently and driving their own projects forward. Being comfortable with some project ambiguity/flexibility is also a plus.

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Require a lot of assistance and guidance on software projects.

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