Digital Technology Intern

RemoteEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: Remote
Department: Data Analytics
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Culture rating
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My experience


I worked on two apps, one automating storage and handling of data for key metrics informing a corporate responsibility report, and the other handling internal and customer facing requests for data for a specific department. I did full stack development throughout, got to do CRPs, and I handled the KT (knowledge transfer) to a team that would take over my work upon my departure. Overall, a very informative and fun experience.

Everyone was very much kind and friendly. I would definitely recommend applying if you want to experience a good culture and work.


- Excellent guidance from product manager/mentor I worked with - Everyone was super friendly and helpful - Good environment - Impactful work


- Wish I could have worked more with some hands-on code and algorithms

Impact of work

Time spent working

How did working remote affect your experience?

It was not a huge impact. It was a shame I didn't get to see the company site in person, but also the experience remained engaging.

Interview advice

How did you find the job / apply?

Interview Rounds

Interview type

Interview questions

First round was online screening. I can't remember full details, but a lot of behavioral questions on past projects, teamwork, etc. The second interview was remote but with the head of the internship program and an HR manager. Very personable, laid-back, discussed past experiences, interests, etc.

Advice on how to prepare

Definitely be yourself and share why you're passionate/what you want to do. Don't be too stressed; everyone there is very nice and they want to help you.

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