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Software Engineering Intern

RemoteEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: Remote
Department: Infra
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My experience


Created detectors/linters to block developers from improperly using user data on iOS. Also helped company to fulfill an external regulatory deadline.


Very well-structured program, and the project was actually impactful. They place a lot of trust in every intern to perform, and the team actually takes your work forward.


As a big company, each intern feels less valuable. Sort of floating around and only really attached to my team, not connected w/ rest of the company. Also culture is very team-dependent, and mine had long hours.

Impact of work

Time spent working

How did working remote affect your experience?

Much worse. Did take corporate housing though, so I was with several other interns in SF and that was a great experience.

Interview advice

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Interview Rounds

Interview type

Interview questions

1 recruiter screening round @ career fair. 2x Leetcode/algorithm technical rounds.

Advice on how to prepare

Practice Leetcode! It's mostly medium questions, so pattern-match to the most popular frameworks.

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