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Plant Engineering Intern

Unstructured internship Kingsport, TNEmployed: Summer 2019, Summer 2016
Format: In-person
Department: PLE-6
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I worked on various projects that a new hire would work on, I was basically treated as a new hire which was actually very nice. I did redlines of documents (crossed out a line with red pen and sent it to the drafters to change), and often went around the plant to verify the things on the document were accurate.

I've interned at 4 or 5 different companies and Eastman was by far my favorite. Great place to work, great culture of safety, and they generally pay VERY well. The expectations are reasonable, you won't work more than 45 hours a week unless you just really want to.

Would recommend it to people who...

Want to be treated as a new-hire instead of an intern and do some meaningful work. Would recommend the full-time position for anyone that wants to settle down and make a lot of money living in a cheap area.

Would NOT recommend it to people who...

Want to work at a company where you can move up quickly. Eastman is very structured and you can't move up the ladder faster than their processes say.

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Mostly about previous work experience and team work, not many technical questions.

Advice on how to prepare

Make it seem like you're interested in moving to Kingsport, TN and that you love the mountains and hiking and would stay there if hired. 90% of their new hires in engineering are directly from their intern program, so you're basically SOL for working there as a college grad if you don't intern there. It really is a great place to intern.

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