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Industrial Engineer

Unstructured co-op Orlando, FLEmployed: Fall 2019
Format: In-person
Department: Planning and Industrial Engineering
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Worked with clients from Transportation, Resorts, Sports, and ESPN to collect data in time studies and analyze in preparation for consulting-style presentations and implementations of new designs or suggestions to improve flow through a space.

The program starts as an internship offer, but upon successful completion, a couple of the interns are extended additional internships which align with the standard co-op rotation schedule.

Would recommend it to people who...

Enjoy immediately seeing your impact on the tens of thousands of Disney Guests per day.

Would NOT recommend it to people who...

Don't like standing and taking notes for long periods of time and balancing multiple projects with conflicting deadlines.

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First interview is a phone screen, maybe some behavioral - second is case interview structure with two or three current IEs.

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