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Software Engineer

Unstructured co-op RemoteEmployed: Spring 2020, Summer 2020
Format: Remote
Department: Electronic Options Trading Production Engineering
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Worked on a project for updating information regarding employees, it was a web dev project hooking up a website to an existing database containing employee information. I also worked on a project that read and parsed market data into a historical/archival database. The purpose was a backup data pipeline.

Would recommend it to people who...

can learn on the job and stay motivated and understanding that it's not a position where interns' hands are held all the way through

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How did working remote affect your experience?

Really hard to vibe with the team, lots of solo work, being remote affected it a lot. HR did their best to mitigate a lot of the problems which they were mostly successful

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Pretty easy questions, one question in particular was string splicing/interweaving 2 strings together. For example, "abcde" and "123" returns "a1b2c3de"

Advice on how to prepare

Know your programming language well and be ready to talk a lot during the interview. The interviewers are very social and vocal and want to hear your thought process. A basic understanding of scripting languages was all I needed, so nothing regarding frameworks or database queries.

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