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Mechanical Engineering Intern

Unstructured internship Irvine, CaliforniaEmployed: Summer 2018
Format: In-person
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First Project: Converted physical wire-making SOPs into digital drawings using RapidHarness. Required familiarity with the company's standard formatting rules and knowledge of how to simplify complex wire diagrams. Second Project: Was in charge of full documentation and construction of two prototypes the company was working on for a contractor. Had to perform mechanical reworks on the sheet metal when parts did not fit and then document them in the part drawings. At the end of the term, I had created a document detailing each step needed to assemble the prototypes and recommended 30+ design changes to the parts I was working with.

Everyone there was very nice. The company worked in a very niche field, but provided interesting services.

Would recommend it to people who...

Like Electrical Engineering products and a small company environment.

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Like working for a large company

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