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Supply Chain Intern

Windsor, CT, USAEmployed: Summer 2018, Fall 2018
Format: In-person
Department: Supply Chain (Pratt & Whitney)
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Prepared reports based on last week's supply chain data by copying and pasting charts from an Excel sheet. Verified suppliers filled out their Excel sheets correctly and notified them when they didn't. Rewrote the entire process in Python so it went from 8 hours to 3 hours. Wrote documentation about it. Trained people on it.


Low pressure, low stakes.


Nobody really wanted to be there. High turnover rate. Really dumb weekly presentations on random unrelated topics.

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Very basic interview questions, nothing of note.

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It felt like the only reason my classmates and I got this internship (there were a whole bunch of us from the same college) was because the recruiter liked us when he met us at the career fair.

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