Mechanical Engineering Intern II

Unstructured internship Kansas City, MOEmployed: Summer 2020
Format: In-person
Department: Honeywell FM&T | Quality Engineering
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Culture rating
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My experience


Wrote software to verify and identify errors within metadata of every part in the assembly back to 1970s. Connected with BIG data to get even more depth to the tool.


Pay, Security Clearance, Impactful mission


Poor Culture, Quality of life/work really depends on team you get

Would recommend it to people who...

Very Regimen, by the books, passionate about the mission, like working in their own space without disruption

Impact of work

Time spent working

Interview advice

How did you find the job / apply?

Interview Rounds

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Interview questions

Lots of behavioral and about your past. Weren't too difficult if you connected with the interviewer.

Advice on how to prepare

You must have a squeaky clean record to get the clearance needed to work here. Only go there if you are willing to work in a very strict work environment.

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