Junior Programmer

Unstructured internship Sheboygan, WisconsinEmployed: Summer 2020
Format: Remote + In-person
Overall rating


Culture rating
Work rating

My experience


Designed and implemented a chat application (front-end) to fit inside their larger ERP software. Worked nearly independently.

I went in person...got my own office

Would recommend it to people who...

Are independent, are self-motivated, are willing to stick with a project

Would NOT recommend it to people who...

Need to be told how to go about something, have difficulty learning new tools & languages, don’t like Wisconsin

Impact of work

How much knowledge or experience was needed going in (pre-requisites)?

Time spent working

How did working remote affect your experience?

Virtual was/is optional

Interview advice

Interview Rounds

Interview format(s)

Interview type

Advice on how to prepare

They pretty much just want to see that you are hyped to work for them and are willing to work.

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