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Image Science Engineer Intern

Rochester, NYEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: In-person
Department: Space and Airborne Systems
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Work on exporting large-scale synthetic scenes from Unreal Engine into DIRSIG, a physics-driven synthetic image generation model. Python code is updated to incorporate data into existing workflows. Material attribution improvements make the resulting scene renders more realistic.


I developed a good relationship with other interns that I sat near. I learned from them and got to hang out outside of work. My manager was very helpful, as was everyone I worked with. I at least had one brief meeting a day to update and make sure I had work to do


Most of the people I worked with were in a different building, so I didn;t see them that much

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My interview did not really feel like one, I talked about my work experience, classes I took/was taking at the time

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It was not difficult in my case, I only had one phone call and discussed my classes, what programming experience I had, etc. I had little experience programming but I was still brought on and did well

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