Surgical RD&E Intern

Unstructured internship Alpharetta Employed: Fall 2020
Format: Remote
Department: Healthcare Surgical
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I was tasked with rewriting risk management documents for new medical device regulations in the EU. I used the same few forms to remediate these files to meet the new standards. Having a background in medical devices helped some to be able to identify risks and harms. I did also have the opportunity to propose my own project in addition to this work, which gave me opportunities to meet other people within the Surgical RD&E group, and my managers were very supportive.

The environment was very supportive. People in the organization were happy to take time and meet up with me just to chat. The intern program has been going for a while now, so managers generally know how to keep interns busy. Ecolab also has a very high emphasis on safety, which I think is a plus for the organization, but that also means they may be remote for a long while. Personally, I did not enjoy the work, but I gained a lot of insight into the medical device industry.

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It was pretty hard to meet people and be social. Probably won't be virtual longer than it has to. That said, Ecolab has a very strong emphasis on safety and will probably keep people at home longer than most places.

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