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Unstructured internship Portsmouth, NHEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: In-person
Department: Drinking Water
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Read over 1000 water service line tiecards to input the data into GIS. Worked on EPA submittals for a well and water main project in a wetland. Wrote risk and resillancy assessments based off of asset management reports. Worked on a water treatment facility operation manual. Got to visit several treatment facilities, witness hydrant flow testing, and attend on site field meetings which I then wrote the meeting minutes for afterwords.

I will try to update this once the second half of the internship is over


Was able to visit lots of places, got free food, subsidized my work boots, friendly atmosphere


Some of the tasks can be very monotonous, but podcasts are encouraged in those situations

Would recommend it to people who...

Want to try out a employee run engineering firm. Each office has a different vibe, portsmouth is apparently the fun office, but can be hard to get into for space reasons.

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Pretty easy questions. They have hired several people from RPI so they knew my education was solid. Asked for favorite/least favorite classes and why. Tried to get a general feel for work ethic and personality

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Apply, but you are 100% more likely to get a position if you've networked in the company since they get recruitment bonuses.

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