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TechOps Co-op

Atlanta, GAEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: In-person
Department: Materials
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PO Vendor Project o Developing a metric to determine worst performing vendors using the past years’ of open POs, about 1 million POs and $50 Million Calculating Yield remaining on 50+ parts, trends on unserviceable pipe, shortfalls and shortages Rejections Report to target problem areas in maintenance each week o Responsible for communicating with machine managers, about 1000 rejections weekly Monthly Performance Review Slides o Produce data report for monthly performance review for upper managers o Worked with Project Managers to produce report Started and added automation to reports

Delta pays low but the flight benefits make the low pay worth it if you use them, the co-op experience is highly dependent on your particular team and mentor (which could be really good or really bad for you)


company culture, long-term projects, understanding/flexible management, exposure to lots of new skills, free flights


level of work is highly dependent on your team and mentor, in-person, currently lots of movement with full time employees because of COVID

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Mostly behavioral and the theoretical knowledge based questions were not difficult.

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For freshman applying to Delta, emphasize your CS classes and projects even if you think they are too low-level technically.

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