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Manufacturing Engineering Intern

Unstructured internship Abbott Park, ILEmployed: Summer 2021
Format: In-person
Department: Rare Reagent Manufacturing
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1) I took a large list of financial assets located around the site and had to identify ones that may no longer exist but were decommissioned incorrectly leading them to still be on the financial books. My role included contacting the owners of such assets to locate and confirm their statuses or finding the assets myself to confirm their statuses. Then, I transferred the information to a Finance intern to have the assets written off the books (save money!). Est. impact: >$1M (one time). 2) There was a problem regarding a stockroom that supplied around 20 different areas with certain types of lab and experiment supplies. The system they had in place to prepare for future experiments was not going well, losing about $20k in materials alone each time an experiment could not be carried out because the needed supplies were not available. It was my job to integrate their inventory records with a new tool of my own so that they could plan far in advance what materials they need to have ready in the stockroom and avoid having to waste materials. Est. impact $150k/yr. 3) Another process involved tracking the amounts and types of defects on four different production lines. This process was still being done on paper during production shifts and all the paper was reviewed at the end of each quarter. I created a digital tool that can be used during the shifts and verify/validate the defect data instantly. Est. impact: ~30 man hours/qtr. 4) On the input side of production, many batches of materials are prepared but not necessarily used by their expiration dates. Each month, these batches must be identified and reported on. I simply created the reports. I also redesigned the process of creating the reports. Est. impact: ~2 man hours/mo. 5) My last small project involved cleaning out and redesigning a sharepoint website and creating guides to help other employees use and create their own sites within it.

The program has a lot of time devoted to building you as a professional. You will meet many senior leaders and hear their stories, including the CEO! There are locations all over the US and the work that the company does (healthcare) is very meaningful. You also get a PAID week of travel where you tour HQ, meet the CEO, get wined and dined, and interact with the other interns. (You will make close to $1750 in that week alone). Highly recommend!


Lots of other interns, pay, culture, somewhat interesting work, freedom, housing, transportation, rewards


Not as much hands-on

Would recommend it to people who...

are looking for an enjoyable and well-paying experience

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I did not have any issues with the questions. Mostly about my past, regarding my previous work with the company and my leadership roles in school, etc.

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Leadership and initiative is key. They like people who are people people. It is more important than being technically advanced, but a high GPA will also be required as this internship gets over 20,000 applications each year and only hires ~200 interns.

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