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Liaison Engineering Intern

Unstructured internship North Charleston, SCEmployed: Summer 2019
Format: In-person
Department: 787 Dreamliner
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If there was a manufacturing defect, my group would be notified, and we would tell the technicians how it needed to be fixed. I handled some of the smaller ones (i.e. parts barely out of tolerance, quick analysis using an Excel template) while shadowing bigger ones (when we would forward it to the stress analysis team, or check on the repair in-person). I also did some data analysis on which defects were most common.

I enjoyed the culture of the Boeing South Carolina site. They really fostered mentorship and collaboration between interns and experienced professionals. You also got "teamwear" polos. They also had intern activities. Some of that was dependent on your manager/group as well as if you sought them out on your own (i.e. tours, headshots). At the end, you could accept a returning offer or be considered throughout the company alongside other returning interns. People in my role full-time typically spend a few years or their whole career in it. It was not my dream job so I decided to pass, but I never heard back from another group.

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are interested in aerospace and/or manufacturing

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Take initiative with informational interviews and tours. No interview for returning interns.

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