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Biomedical Engineering Intern

Unstructured internship RemoteEmployed: Spring 2021, Summer 2021
Format: Remote
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I worked on fluid modeling and simulations of their LAA device

I write this review because I want to bring awareness that there are still companies employing students unpaid. I understand this is a startup and they do not have the funding like other companies but they are employing 50+ interns at a time and paying NONE of them. They are nice people but it seems they are taking advantage of students who couldn't find other experience and outsourcing all this work to so many interns.

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Can't find any other experience

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Made it easier to do the work and decrease costs

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Pretty easy to get a position if you apply and don't ruin the interview. I wish I would have known that they would be hiring so many interns and the work is kind of boring.

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